Great Northern Railway Historical Society


Each quarter GNRHS members receive the 'Goat' package. It includes the GN Goat Magazine, a varying number of Reference Sheets and the Modelers' Pages. The September package has next year's calendar included.

GN Goat Magazine

Besides short stories from GN veterans about working on the GN, reports on restorations of former GN equipment and buildings and GN related events, the 'Goat' contains general information and society affairs, new member lists, photo features, and book/video listings of subjects related to the GN and its pre/post merger corporate identities.

Reference Sheets

One or more Reference Sheets are included in the Goat Package each quarter. They are a great resource on all kinds of subjects on the Great Northern, it's equipment, physical plant and operations. They are carefully researched and contain many previously unpublished photos, drawings and diagrams.

Modelers' Pages

Each issue of the 'Goat' also contains the Modelers' Pages. Geared towards the Great Northern modeler it contains modeling articles, tips, new GN product announcements and a questions and answers section.


Included in the September 'Goat' is the calendar for the coming year. Filled with beautiful Great Northern photographs, many of them in color, and many GN dates and facts it's the only calendar you need.

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