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How to Apply

To apply for a donation from the Heritage Fund follow the procedure outlined below.

Heritage Fund Allocation Policy

INTRODUCTION: The GNRHS Heritage Fund was created in 1989 to "Provide a continuing source of funds for GN-related preservation and restoration projects. All projects funded must be under the financial and operating control of an organization exempt from Federal Income Tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue code." The GNRHS Board of Directors was empowered to select recipients and determine the amounts of awards. Since 1989, thousands of dollars have been distributed, funding many worthy projects managed not only by non-profits but by government entities, individuals, and GNRHS internally. The following Heritage Fund Allocation Policy will clarify the Board’s process for evaluating projects and distributing funds.

ELIGIBILITY: Projects should be under the financial and operating control of an organization exempt from Federal Income Tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue code. Exceptions may be considered for projects demonstrating exceptional need and value, but the Board may require additional due diligence to establish the applicant’s reliability, integrity and ability to complete the project.

APPLICATION: The applicant should email a formal Request to the Heritage Fund Committee of the GNRHS. The Request shall include at least the following information:

  1. The name, location and mailing address of the applicant organization (or individual), and the name, email and phone number of the person authorized by that organization to request the donation.
  2. The organization’s corporate form and status (state non-profit, 501(c)(3), government, LLC, etc.), and the State in which it is registered.
  3. A brief outline of the project for which the donation is requested, and how it will contribute to the preservation of the history of the Great Northern.
  4. The amount requested, and a description of how the funds will be used. If part of a larger fundraising effort, include an overall project budget and a brief summary of fund-raising goals and progress to date.
  5. A project timetable including projected start and completion dates.

Normally, the Board of Directors will select donation recipients at the Board Meeting held at the yearly GNRHS Convention. Exceptions can be requested for time sensitive projects. A request for such an exception, including its motivation or rationale, should be included with the Formal Request. The normal deadline for consideration is two months prior to the next GNRHS Convention start date. Note the Board may not approve all applicants, and may award less than the requested amount.

When a request is awarded, the GNRHS requires the recipient to keep the Society informed about project progress. When possible and practical these progress reports should include photos for use by the GNRHS in its publications.

Above policy does not preclude the Board from donating to deserving projects of its own choice and on its own initiative.

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