Great Northern Railway Historical Society


The GNRHS has established committees to manage its daily business and affairs. Committees report directly to the Board.

Archives Committee

The Archives Committee oversees the collection, cataloging, organizing, storage and dissemination of reference materials.

Bob Kelly (West End Co-Chair), Don McGlothlin (East End Co-Chair), Stu Holmquist, Bill Sornsin, Doug Complin, Rich Remiarz


Awards Committee

Mac McCulloch (chair), John Langlot, Don McGlothin

Bylaws & Operating Manual Committee

The Bylaws and Operating Manual Committee periodically reviews the Bylaws and Operating Manual to ensure that they are current and comply with any changes and updates in policy.

Mac McCulloch (chair), Bill Sornsin, Don McGlothin

Finance Committee

This committee is responsible for providing oversight and guidance on the organization's financial matters. Specifically, it is responsible for recruiting/retaining a qualified Treasurer and bookkeeper, and assuring internal controls, independent audit, and financial analysis for the organization.

Bill Sornsin (chair), Don McGlothin, Mac McCulloch


Heritage Fund Grant Committee

This committee promotes the Heritage Fund Grant program and screens applications for grants, which are ultimately voted on by the board.

John Langlot (chair), Scott Tanner, Don McGlothlin


Hustle Muscle Committee

The Hustle Muscle Committee oversees the preservation and maintenance functions for GN #400 and is responsible for scheduling all GN #400 operations outside of the Lake Superior Transportation Museum (Duluth) area.

Tom Lambrecht (chair), John Langlot, Don McGlothlin


Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is responsible for all matters pertaining to the recruitment of new members and the retention of current members.

Bruce Goeser (East End Chair), Gary Thurow (West End Chair), Bob Showers, Mary McGlothlin


Model Development Team

This committee promotes the development of historically accurate GN models and assists hobby manufacturers in researching accurate dimensions, colors, construction details and so forth.

Rich Remiarz (chair), Staffan Ehnbom, Ted Fandell, John Givan, Bob Heninger, Steve Haas, Scott Kremer, Dan Mitchel, Don McGlothlin, Jim Ruffing, John Westley.


Publications Committee

Chas Bettendorf (chair), Andrew Klamka, Rich Remiarz.


Store Advisory Committee

The Store Advisory Committee assists the Marketing Officer in the selection and development of products for the company store. Committee members identify commercial items that the store should stock, and identify items not otherwise available that the store should create and market for Great Northern modelers and GNRHS members.

Mac McCulloch (chair), Staffan Ehnbom, Ted Fandell, John Givan, Bob Heninger, Tyrone Johnson, Scott Kremer, Ed Letain, Dan Mitchel, Don McGlothlin, Ken Middleton, Jim Ruffing, Rich Remiarz, John Westley.


Ballot & Nominating Committee

The Ballot and Nominating Committee is responsible for recruiting and screening all candidates seeking the office of Director. It is NOT a standing committee. It is established in advance of the election of Board of Directors held in the fall season of odd years with votes counted early in even years. Composition as of fall 2023 was:

Don McGlothlin (chair), Dan Bolyard, Bob Showers



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