Great Northern Railway Historical Society

Heritage Fund

The GNRHS Heritage Fund is a member-donated fund established for the "preservation of Great Northern heritage and history". Based on official requests from organizations, funds are distributed at the GNRHS Board's discretion during our annual convention, usually in July.

The GNRHS Heritage Fund was created in 1989 to "Provide a continuing source of funds for GN-related preservation and restoration projects. All projects funded must be under the financial and operating control of an organization exempt from Federal Income Tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue code." The GNRHS Board of Directors was empowered to select recipients and determine the amounts of awards. Since 1989, thousands of dollars have been distributed, funding many worthy projects managed not only by non-profits but by government entities, individuals, and GNRHS internally. Please see the Heritage Fund Allocation Policy for the Board’s process for evaluating projects and distributing funds.

The Heritage Fund is funded by donations from our members. Without these, the Heritage Fund would not be able to help deserving Great Northern historical projects and organizations. So please consider a donation to the Heritage Fund.

Below are some of the organizations who have benefited from donations from the Heritage Fund. See some of the projects here.


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