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Contribute to the Modelers' Pages

If you're a modeler of the Great Northern Railway and you would like to share photos of your layout or your favorite model, or if you have a modeling question or want to write a construction article, please let us know. We have editors, photo specialists, proof readers and researchers eager to help.

About the Modelers’ Pages

Each issue of the Modelers' Pages contains at least 16 pages of information for modelers, both new and advanced. Features include information from manufacturers on new models, pictures of favorite models, contest results and answers to modelers’ questions. Modelers who wish to contribute to Modelers’ Pages are encouraged to contact the Modeling Editor via email, or via regular mail to the address found in the Goat.

Publishing Rights

Reference Sheets, Modelers’ Pages and Goat contents are copyrighted by GNRHS. All or parts of these publications may not be reprinted without written permission of the Managing Editor. Original photos, diagrams, drawings, maps, charts, etc. are returned to the author after publication. Since the GNRHS is a non-profit volunteer organization, authors and contributors are not compensated for their work.


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