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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Photos from left to right:

Half-Day Railfan Tour up the Wenatchee Valley:

A Boeing train at Brown's Flat (Monitor, WA curve)

#1 - Cashmere depot; #2 - Z train eastbound at Cashmere; #3 - ditto.

Afternoon Presentations:

Father Dale Peterka - O. Winston Link, Then and Now

Mark Behler and Cordell Newby talk about the Appleyard Explosion.

Wednesday evening Banquet:

#1 - Bob Downing, John Strauss and Mike Power talk it over; #2 - Table 13 points at the cameraman; #3 - Table 9 chats it up; #4 - Jan, Christopher and Scott Tanner at Table 6.

John Strauss talks about GN Passenger operations in Wenatchee.

#1 - Door prizes on display; #2 - looking for the door prize winner; #3 - Baolu Korst receives a prize from Christopher Tanner; #4 - Stan Michaels from Honolulu wins a brass model; #5 - the last raffle prize (a 1931 GN Calendar) is given out.

THANK YOU John and Bev Tracy for putting on a great convention!