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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Photos from left to right:

Cascades All Day Tour

#1 - Onboard the bus; #2 - At Nason Creek rest area; #3 - Bob Kelly talks to the guys; #4 - Going through the Skykomish Museum's photos; #5 - Lindsay Korst, Bob Page, Scott Tanner and Greer Nielsen in matching Skykomish sweaters (it was COLD today!).

#1 - Sky depot moved a little to the east; #2 - SD45 and caboose; #3 - caboose admirers; #4 - Father Dale shoots a miniature Empire Builder.

CLICK HERE to find out why the Sky depot moved.

#5 - Boarding the X-228; #6 - Inside the caboose; #7 - Greer Nielsen in the cupola; #8 - Fred Black admires his handiwork; #9 - Fred Black's X-228 caboose at Skykomish.

BBQ lunch at the Skykomish ball park courtesy of the Cascadia Inn.

#1 - Mike Sharpe, Father Dale, Scott Tanner onboard X-294 caboose at Scenic; #2 - Pam Kelly talks to Scott Tanner outside X-294; #3 - caboose and kids; #4 - Bruce Barsness and Mike Sharpe pointing.

Roaring east about to enter Tumwater canyon.

Watching the salmon jump at Tumwater Dam.