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Reference Sheets

GNRHS Reference Sheets contain loads of information on pretty much any imaginable Great Northern subject. Filled with great photos, diagrams, rosters and maps these Reference Sheets should be part of any GN library.

Ordering Info:

Reference Sheets #1 through #143 are sold individually.

Reference Sheets starting from #144 are sold as monthly Goat packets (click "Goat Back Issues" at left). For example, the March 1989 Goat packet includes Reference Sheets 144, 145, 146, 147 and 148. All issues covering complete blocks will automatically include the Goat wrapper until supplies of the related wrapper are exhausted.

In the event the original print run of any Reference Sheet is no longer available, a "best quality photocopy" will be substituted.

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Please click on a title below to see more information on that Reference Sheet. We have also published a Reference Sheet Index and a Topical Index for your convenience.

RS1 - GN Steam Locomotive Painting Standards
RS2 - GN Passenger Train Consists
RS3 - Preserved GN Passenger Cars
RS4 - Locomotive Assignment Roster; 1954
RS5 - Modern Caboose Roster
RS6 - GN's First Diesel
RS7 - GN Steam Locomotives on Display
RS8 - GN Express Boxcar No. 2500
RS9 - GN F-unit Renumbering
RS10 - GN Railway Accidents
RS11 - GN Caboose No. X-100
RS12 - GN Class O-1, 2-8-2; Part 1
RS13 - GN Diesel Renumbering
RS14 - GN Depots; Willmar
RS15 - Locomotive Assignment Roster; 1936
RS16 - GN Depots; Belton/Scenic
RS17 - GN Diesel Painting Diagrams
RS18 - GN Three-phase Electric Locomotives
RS19 - Locomotive Assignment Roster; 1942
RS20 - GN Depots; Ellendale
RS21 - GN Diesel Painting Diagrams
RS22 - GN Class O-1, 2-8-2; Part 2
RS23 - Locomotive Assignment Rosters; 1949
RS24 - GN Depots; Wenatchee
RS25 - Steam Locomotive Stenciling Data
RS26 - GN Class E-6, 4-6-0
RS27 - Locomotive Assignment Roster; 1964
RS28 - GN Equipment Color Schemes
RS29 - GN N-class Locomotives; 2-8-8-0
RS30 - GN Diesel Painting Diagrams
RS31 - Locomotive Assignment Roster; 1969
RS32 - Early GN BM&E Cars
RS33 - GN Class K-1, 4-4-2
RS34 - GN Diesel Painting Diagrams
RS35 - GN Structures
RS36 - GN Track Diagrams; Part 1 (Duluth, Superior, Allouez)
RS37 - GN Plywood Boxcars - Ser 10000 & 10500
RS38 - GN Diesel Painting Diagrams
RS39 - GN Track Diagrams; Part 2 (Willmar, St. Cloud, Breckenridge, Minot, Grand Forks, Fargo)
RS40 - GN Class S-2, 4-8-4
RS41 - GN Rail & Fastening Standards; 1935
RS42 - GN Boxcars; Series 30000 & 31000
RS43 - GN Track Diagrams; Part 3 (Williston, Great Falls, Tacoma)
RS44 - GN Ballast
RS45 - GN Track Diagrams; Part 4 (Whitefish, Hillyard, Spokane)
RS46 - The S.S. Great Northern
RS47 - GN Tie Standards; 1935
RS48 - GN 50-foot Flat Cars; Series 67000
RS49 - GN Track Diagrams; Part 5 (Wenatchee, Everett, Bellingham, Seattle, Vancouver BC, Klamath Falls)
RS50 - GN Experimental Steam Locomotives
RS51 - GN Streamlined 1100-Series Coaches
RS52 - GN Big Sky Blue Color Scheme
RS53 - GN Standard Frame Depots
RS54 - GN Standard Signs; Part 1
RS55 - GN Water Tank; Merrit, Washington
RS56 - GN Stock Cars; Series 53000
RS57 - GN's Sioux City Line
RS58 - GN Modernized Class Y-1 Electrics
RS59 - GN Early Covered Hoppers; Series 71000, 71100, 71200, 71225, 71230, 71330
RS60 - GN Standard Signs; Part 2
RS61 - GN Steel Boxcars; 18000, 18500, 19500, 20500, 21450 series
RS62 - GN Covered Bridges
RS63 - GN Gas-Electric Motor Cars; Part 1
RS64 - GN Mill Gondolas; Ser 72500, 72750, 72800
RS65 - GN's Iron Range
RS66 - GN 40-ft Double Door General Service Boxcars Series 3000, 3500 & 4000
RS67 - The Northern Steamship Line
RS68 - GN Signals; Part 1
RS69 - GN 40-ft Rebuilt Boxcars, Ser 4200 and 4400
RS70 - GN Standard Signs; Part 3
RS71 - GN Diesel Painting Diagrams
RS72 - GN Gas-Electric Motor Cars; Part 2
RS73 - Fraser River Railway Bridge, New Westminister, BC
RS74 - GN 52-foot Auto Boxcars, 38900, 39000, 39340
RS75 - GN Caboose Models
RS76 - GN 52-foot Flat Cars, Series 66000
RS77 - GN Signals; Part 2
RS78 - GN Historic Tracklaying Record
RS79 - GN Lines East Freight Operations
RS80 - GN Diesel Switcher Baldwin VO-1000, Class SW-5
RS81 - GN Piggyback Operations; 1954-1970
RS82 - GN Diesel Switcher Alco/GE RS-1, GN Class RS-3
RS83 - GN Train Orders & Clearance Forms
RS84 - GN Water Treatment Program
RS85 - GN Caboose Cars X-1 to X-30
RS86 - GN Caboose Cars X-31 to X-40
RS87 - GN and Land Grants; Part 1
RS88 - GN Passenger Car Series; No. 1
RS89 - Glacier National Park - America's Playground
RS90 - GN and Land Grants; Part 2
RS91 - GN Covered Hoppers; Series 71405 & 71505
RS92 - GN's Appleyard
RS93 - GN Steam Locomotive Class J, 2-6-2
RS94 - GN Caboose Cars X-41 to X-50
RS95 - GN Caboose Cars X-51 to X-65
RS96 - Blizzards of 1936, The
RS97 - GN Passenger Car Series; No. 2
RS98 - GN Steam Locomotive Class O-8, 2-8-2
RS99 - GN Cabooses X-66 to X-85, X-86 to X-95
RS100 - GN Head End Cars; Part 1
RS101 - GN Scale Houses
RS102 - GN Spotted Robe Line Change
RS103 - GN Diesel Switcher Alco/GE S-2, 1000hp GN SW-6
RS104 - GN Caboose Cars X-96 to X-105
RS105 - New Cascade Tunnel - Surveying the Route
RS106 - GN Steam Locomotive Class C-1, 0-8-0
RS107 - GN 50-ft Auto Boxcar, 39000-40099 (first); 41525-41999 (renum) & 42000-43999
RS108 - Mansfield Branch & the Waterville Railway
RS109 - GN Caboose Cars X-106 to X115
RS110 - GN Heavyweight Pullman Equipment
RS111 - GN Head End Cars; Part 2
RS112 - GN Weed Control
RS113 - GN AFE Ser. No. 2; 1959 Boxcar Rebuild
RS114 - GN Sand Cars, X2950 to X2999
RS115 - GN Caboose Cars X-116 to X-135
RS116 - GN Employee Timetables
RS117 - GN EMD GP-20, 2000hp GN GP-20
RS118 - GN Steam Locomotive Class O-5, 2-8-2
RS119 - New Cascade Tunnel Construction, Part 1
RS120 - Track Patterns for a GN Model Layout
RS121 - GN AFE Ser.# 3; Portable Bunk House, Lines East
RS122 - GN EMD SD-45, 3600hp GN SD-45
RS123 - GN Caboose Cars X-136 to X-155
RS124 - Steam's Last Days on the Great Northern
RS125 - GN Stock Cars, Series 55200-56469
RS126 - New Cascade Tunnel Construction, Part 2
RS127 - GN Head End Cars, Part 3
RS128 - GN Caboose Models, an Update
RS129 - Decals for "Empire Builder" 1950's cars
RS130 - GN Boiler Car X-3775
RS131 - GN Steam Locomotive Class F-8, 2-8-0
RS132 - GN Caboose & Baggage Car X-181
RS133 - GN "G Bar N" Brand & the "Ranch" Cars
RS134 - GN's 1964 Worst Rockies Flood, 6/64
RS135 - GN Brown's Valley Line
RS136 - GN "Shack" at Grand Forks, North Dakota
RS137 - GN Steam Locomotive Class O-6, 2-8-2
RS138 - GN 52-foot Flat Cars, Ser 65000-65499
RS139 - GN Stockmen's Coach, X-757
RS140 - New Cascade Tunnel Construction; Part 3
RS141 - GN Caboose Cars X-182, 183, 186, 187
RS142 - GN Head End Cars, Part 4, Wood Mail & Baggage Mail Cars
RS143 - Northwestern Coal Railway Company

The Reference Sheets below are sold as monthly Goat packets (Example: All of the March 1989 Goat includes Reference Sheets 144, 145, 146, 147 and 148). Clicking one of the links below will take you to the Goat packet that contains that Reference Sheet.

RS144 - The Pacific Short Line
RS145 - GN's Load Adjuster
RS146 - Andrew Kolb Coal Shed, Melrose
RS147 - GN's "Glacier Green" Cars
RS148 - GN Caboose Assignments 1933, '41, '43, '46
RS149 - GN Dining Car China
RS150 - New Cascade Tunnel Construction, Part 4
RS151 - GN Head End Cars, Part 5, Box-Express Cars
RS152 - Rear End Collision, August 9, 1945
RS153 - BN Caboose Cars X-184 & X-185
RS154 - GN Two Story Depots
RS155 - GN Caboose Assignments 1935, '41, '44, '46
RS156 - Construction of GN's Seawall/Double-Track between Everett & Seattle, Washington
RS157 - GN Stickers
RS158 - Preserved GN Cabooses
RS159 - GN Shop Scenes, Part 1
RS160 - GN Standard Signs, Part 4
RS161 - Crown Sheet Failure, S-2, Crary, ND, 1947
RS162 - GN EMD GP-7, 1500hp; GN GP-7
RS163 - GN Photo Album 1
RS164 - GN's Worst Blizzard, North Dakota, 1966
RS165 - GN Head End Cars, Pt 6, Express Refrig
RS166 - GN Calendars, 1928-1958
RS167 - GN 25-foot Wood Cabooses, Heralds/Lettering
RS168 - GN Caboose Cars, X-198, X-200-X-228, X-230-X-249 (wood exterior)
RS169 - Self Propelled Coal Loading Conveyors
RS170 - GN Steam Locomotives Class H-5, 4-6-2
RS171 - GN Plywood Boxcars
RS172 - Pacific Extension/Cascade Switchbacks 1889-1892
RS173 - Engineering Background of GN's Route across the Mountains of Western Montana
RS174 - GN Steam Locomotives Class P-1 & P-2
RS175 - The First Cascade Tunnel
RS176 - GN 30ft Cabooses X-199, 299, 250-270, 271-294
RS177 - GN Railway Mail Service
RS178 - GN Empire Builder Part 1, 1929-1947
RS179 - Cascade Division Snowsheds 1910-1929, Part 1
RS180 - GN 30ft Caboose cars X-295 to X-309
RS181 - GN Shop Scenes, Part 2
RS182 - GN Cinder Pits at Minneapolis Jct. & Jackson St
RS183 - Cascade Division Snowsheds 1910-1929, Part 2
RS184 - GN Wedge Snowplows
RS185 - GN Snow Equipment Roster
RS186 - GN GE U25B Road Diesel
RS187 - GN Standard Signs, Part 5
RS188 - GN Caboose Car, 30ft, X-310 (steel exterior)
RS189 - GN Hopper Cars, Multi-service Series 78000-78299
RS190 - GN Empire Builder Part 2, 1947-1951
RS191 - GN Gavin Yard
RS192 - GN & the Glidden Auto Reliability Trial
RS193 - GN King Street Car Facilities
RS194 - GN 36ft Caboose Car X-320 (X-175), wood exterior
RS195 - Hinckley Fire & the Eastern Railway of Minnesota
RS196 - GN Last Spike Centennial, 1893-1993
RS197 - GN Oldtimer's Stories
RS198 - William Crooks Story
RS199 - GN Depot Status listing
RS200 - From Vancouver to the International Boundary
RS201 - GN 40-foot Auto Boxcars
RS202 - GN Four-wheel Cabooses
RS203 - Havre, the town the GN Built
RS204 - GN's Lines West Freight Operations
RS205 - GN Ribbon Rail
RS206 - GN Caboose No. X-321 (X-176)
RS207 - GN's Second Mainline - The Montana Eastern
RS208 - Depots of the Montana Eastern
RS209 - GN Empire Builder Pt 3, '51-'54-Mid-Century
RS210 - GN Z-1 Electrics
RS211 - GN Fuel Service Cars
RS212 - GN's Impact on Everett
RS213 - GN Cascades "Trains" article (1961) authorized reprint
RS214 - Minneapolis Union Railway & Stone Arch Bridge
RS215 - Great Northern's Lineside Industries
RS216 - GN Transfer Caboose Cars X-322-X-325
RS217 - The 1924 Oriental Limited
RS218 - J.J.Hill's Retirement Letter to the Stockholders
RS219 - GN Terminals Division 1914 Timetable
RS220 - Branchline Railroading to North Dakota
RS221 - The Cascadian train
RS222 - Replacement of Swinomish Slough Bridge
RS223 - GN Report on Passenger Operations
RS224 - Early Steam Developments on GN
RS225 - Whitefish Roundhouse 1904-1915
RS226 - GN Car Cleaning Facilities
RS227 - GN Empire Builder Part 4, 1955-1959
RS228 - Construction of the Chumstick Line
RS229 - GN's "Sno-Meltr"
RS230 - Willmar and the GNR
RS231 - The Streamlined "Red River"
RS232 - Cutbank: Its Environs & the GN
RS233 - H-6 Pacific Locomotives
RS234 - GN Open Top Observation Cars
RS235 - GN Cabooses; X-330 to X-626, 627-636, 637-749
RS236 - Battling Blizzards on the GN
RS237 - Flathead Tunnel
RS238 - Early GN Sleeping Cars
RS239 - GN 50,000 gal. Water Tanks
RS240 - SP&S, GN & NP inter-company relations
RS241 - GN Mill Gondola Cars; 78400-78999
RS242 - Winold Reiss-Biography
RS243 - GN Historical & Personal Stories
RS244 - Empire Builder Part 5, 1960-1970
RS245 - GN Mill Gondola Cars; 79000-79099
RS246 - Cass Lake GN Roundhouse Explosion
RS247 - GN Early Eight-Wheel Cabooses
RS248 - The Langdon ND Coal Elevator
RS249 - Minot ND - a History
RS250 - GN Wood Chip Cars
RS251 - GN's Motor Freight Division
RS252 - Early GN Sleeping Cars, Part II 1900-1911
RS253 - GN and the Head of the Lakes
RS254 - The "Hutch" Line of GN, 1886-1996.
RS255 - Buffington Interlocking Tower.
RS256 - Early GN Sleeping Cars; Part III: Compartment- Observation Cars
RS257 - GN Open Hopper Cars; 70000-70949
RS258 - Preserved Great Northern Cabooses
RS259 - GN's Montana Central Railway
RS260 - A Boy with Swedish Parental Roots Grows Up Surrounded by the GNR
RS261 - Great Northern Head End Cars: Part VII
RS262 - Z-6 Challenger on the Great Northern
RS263 - The Story of Marias Pass
RS264 - Silk Trains & Other Commerce on Hill's Road
RS265 - Nason Creek Line Relocation
RS266 - As Newspapers Reported the GN in the Early 1900's
RS267 - GN Crew Sleepers and Dormitory Cars, Part IV
RS268 - Great Northern Engine Houses
RS269 - Clean Window Train by David P. Morgan (Trains Magazine reprint)
RS270 - Great Falls Passenger Train Services and Consists
RS271 - GN Diesel Locomotive EMD FT Series
RS272 - The Great Northern Railway on the West Coast
RS273 - Transcontinental Passenger Service 1886-1929
RS274 - The Great Northern (or "The Manitoba") in Grand Forks
RS275 - Great Northern's "Tater-Frater"
RS276 - Grand Forks Passenger Train Service 1924-1971
RS277 - Great Northern Depots and Other Structures from Vintage Postcards
RS278 - The Great Northern 75-Ton Ore Car Fleet
RS279 - The Flooding of GN's Montana Mainline in 1964
RS280 - Transcontinental GN Passenger Service 1886-1929: Part Two
RS281 - Seattle Tunnel and the Station Planned for Use at its South Portal
RS282 - A History of the Great Northern Jackson Street Roundhouse in St. Paul
RS283 - Elk River - Milaca Branch; A Cut-Off to Duluth
RS284 - GN's Whitefish, Montana, Roundhouse; Part 2 - 1916 to 1917
RS285 - The King Street Story
RS286 - Preserved GN Cabooses, an update to RS158, revision Sep 1992 and RS258
RS287 - GN Passenger Train Service in Seattle
RS288 - GN's Motor Freight Division, Part Two
RS289 - Seattle-Vancouver (BC) Passenger Train Service 1891-2000
RS290 - The Great Northern Flyer "Carries the Pacific Fast Mail"
RS291 - GN's Rider-Storage-Mail Cars
RS292 - The Character of James J. Hill portrayed by Dr. David Miller.
RS293 - Those names on the "Empire Builder" sleeper cars.
RS294 - GN's Whitefish, MT roundhouse, Part 3 - 1918 to 1928
RS295 - GN's Jackson Street Shops, St. Paul, Minnesota
RS296 - GN Bulkhead Flat Cars, Series 60400-60569
RS297 - GN's Home-Brew Mallet, M-2 #2000, renum #1999
RS298 - GN's Mesabi Iron Ore Operations
RS299 - Enter the Empire Builder: James J. Hill & Seattle
RS300 - St. Paul GN Passenger Service 1862-1970
RS301 - Kalispell's love affair with railroads, Part 1
RS302 - Growing up on the Great Northern
RS303 - Glacier Park Limited, Part 1
RS304 - Kalispell's love affair with railroads, Part 2
RS305 - Glacier Park Limited, Part 2
RS306 - Kalispell's love affair with railroads, Part 3
RS307 - Portland Passenger Train Service 1879-1971
RS308 - The Great Falls Great Northern Depot
RS309 - GN Hopper Cars & Gondolas 73000-73999
RS310 - Personal Stories about GN in Cold Weather
RS311 - A Montana Story - History and Personal Perspectives
RS312 - GN's Amortization Study - Havre West
RS313 - Great Northern's Internationals
RS314 - Passenger Train Service in Havre, MT - 1924-1970.
RS315 - GN Cabooses in Maintenance-Of-Way Service
RS316 - Great Northern Railway Electrification
RS317 - GN 16,000 Gallon Chemical Tank Cars X-2900-X-2902.
RS318 - John M. Budd, One of America's Great Railroad Men
RS319 - Caboose Construction at Waite Park Car Shops.
RS320 - Passenger Train Service in Spokane, WA, 1926 to 1970.
RS321 - Chester, Montana during the early steam years
RS322 - Early Pacific locomotives of the Great Northern.
RS323 - Great Northern Head End Cars: Part VIII.
RS324 - The GN Fargo Passenger Depot, Part 1.
RS325 - Great Northern's Third Route - Spokane to Vancouver BC.
RS326 - Fergus Falls Passenger Train Service 1881 to 1971.
RS327 - Great Northern Research References.
RS328 - Memories of the GNR on the Hannah Line.
RS329 - Great Northern Maintenance Buildings in Fergus Falls.
RS330 - Great Northern Fargo Passenger Depot, Part 2.
RS331 - Great Northern Box Cars, Numbers 11875-17999.
RS332 - The GN L-class Mallets.
RS333 - Great Northern Official and Business Cars.
RS334 - Great Northern Steam Locomotive Cab Side Data.
RS335 - Oriental Limited.
RS336 - Great Northern in the Flathead Valley.
RS337 - Rail Detector Cars
RS338 - Great Northern's Central Minnesota Lines.
RS339 - Great Northern Air Dump Cars
RS340 - Signaling and the GN, Part III: Fixed Signal Aspects
RS341 - Great Northern's Central Minnesota Lines, Part 2.
RS342 - Great Northern Rail Detection Equipment, Part II.
RS343 - Fish Cars on the Great Northern.
RS344 - Railroad Accounting at the Great Northern Railway Co.
RS345 - Great Northern's Central Minnesota Lines, Part 3.
RS346 - Idler Flat Car GN X-4070.
RS347 - Great Northern Wood and Heavyweight Dining and Cafe Cars.
RS348 - The Great Northern I Remember - Locomotive Dept. Mar 1962 - Mar 1970.
RS349 - Bridge 125, Kalispell Division.
RS350 - Great Northern's Early Passenger Diesels.
RS351 - Great Northern Depot Colors 1965 - 1970.
RS352 - Preserved Great Northern Cabooses.
RS353 - The Great Northern Depot in Princeton, MN.
RS354 - Great Northern Head End Cars: Part IX
RS355 - Seattle's King Street Coach Yard
RS356 - Great Northern 50 & 60 foot boxcars #137000-139507.
RS357 - Chain Gang Crews on Great Northern.
RS358 - Early and Mid-Century Great Northern Heater Cars 1-9.
RS359 - 1953 Cab Ride Across GN's Electrified Subdivision.
RS360 - Great Northern Automatic Heater Cars 1965-1968.
RS361 - Essex, Montana, the Great Northern Ry., and the Izaak Walton Inn.
RS362 - Dr. Geo. Bird Grinnell, Father of Glacier National Park.
RS363 - Two Guns White Calf.
RS364 - GN General Service Gondolas, Numbers 74000-77490.
RS365 - Great Northern in Wenatchee.
RS366 - Somers and Kila, Montana.
RS367 - Cascade Division Dispatching Offices.
RS368 - The Western Star: Train of many routes, Part 1.
RS369 - The St. Cloud to Willmar Line.
RS370 - GN Head End Cars, Pt X, Rebuilds of the 1940s and 1950s.
RS371 - Great Northern Equipment Color Schemes (update from RS28).
RS372 - Great Northern Insulated Box Cars Numbers 200000-210099.
RS373 - The Skykomish Fuel Oil Facility.
RS374 - The Western Star (Part II).
RS375 - Skykomish Depots.
RS376 - The Great Northern Railway, Priest River, ID to Hillyard, WA 1890-1920.
RS377 - Dale Street Shops.
RS378 - The Great Northern Yard at Skykomish 1892-1956
RS379 - Installing Signals on the Great Northern in 1925 - Signaling Series Part IV
RS380 - The Wenatchee - Oroville Line
RS381 - Northern Transcontinentals - Western Mountain Construction
RS382 - The Cascadian: Part II - Train Consists
RS383 - Great Northern and "The Q"
RS384 - Great Northern’s Hambone Branch
RS385 - Skykomish Frequency Converter Substation
RS386 - On The Air with the Great Northern Railway: The Story of the Empire Builders Radio Series
RS387 - Flowers by Rocky
RS388 - Great Northern Postwar Transcontinental Passenger Trains (Part 1)
RS389 - Growing up at Tunnel 1
RS390 - The Tunnels of the Montana Central Railway
RS391 - Modeling Great Northern Catenary
RS392 - Great Northern Section Houses and Facilities
RS393 - Great Northern Dozers, Drags, Flangers and Spreaders
RS394 - Skykomish Sand House and Plans for Similar Early Designs
RS395 - Early Great Northern Standard Single and Double Privies
RS396 - Great Northern Railway's Involvement in the 1950s Williston Basin Oil Boom
RS397 - Modeling GN's Eureka Gulch Spur
RS398 - Great Northern Steel-Lattice Sand Towers
RS399 - Memories of Spokane and the Hillyard Shops
RS400 - Great Northern Standard Frame Fire Hose Houses
RS401 - Secrets of the Iconic Great Northern Railway Photos as told by Bob Harr, Hedrich & Blessing Studios, to Chuck Hatler
RS402 - Standard Exterior Colors of GN Frame Structures and Depots (with color insert)
RS403 - Great Northern Box Cars Numbers 4700-7199
RS404 - The Bruck on the Great Northern
RS405 - Signaling and the Great Northern, Part V Automatic Block Signaling
RS406 - Signaling and the Great Northern, Part VI Conclusion of ABS, CTC and End Notes
RS407 - Western Fruit Express - The Formation
RS408 - Great Northern 40-Foot Truss-Rod Box Cars
RS409 - Great Northern’s Only Budd Rail Diesel Car, Model 3 Number 2350
RS410 - The Great Northern’s Montana Towns
RS411 - Industries on the Kettle Falls Branch
RS412 - Great Northern Rotary Snow Plows