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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Webmaster's Note:  A big Rocky THANK YOU!!!! to all at BNSF for taking time to show us around your facilities.  We in the GNRHS appreciate your hospitality during our convention.

Photos from left to right:

Wednesday morning and afternoon tour:

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#1 is Marv Franz giving a talk at Hillyard; #2 is GN caboose X-176; #3 is interior of X-176; #4 is a terminal map of the Hauser, ID fueling station.

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#1 is interior of fuel unloading dock; #2 is BNSF personnel explaining unloading process; #3 is maze of pipes; #4 is model/cross section of how fueling station is built.

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#1 is fueling spot; #2 is how fuel line swivels; #3 is overall view of fueling dock; #4 is close up of sanding spot.

geg_day4_13.jpg (86006 bytes)geg_day4_14.jpg (103617 bytes)geg_day4_15.jpg (148671 bytes)

#1 are the two huge fuel tanks at Hauser; #2 is the Longhorn barbecue under a tent at the Spokane fairgrounds; #3 is a very appropriate license plate at the Ridpath!

Wednesday evening banquet:

geg_day4_16.jpg (81456 bytes)geg_day4_17.jpg (84268 bytes)geg_day4_18.jpg (76872 bytes)geg_day4_19.jpg (74432 bytes)

#1 is President Larson opening the evening's festivities; #2 is the buffet line; #3 is folks listening to our banquet speaker; #4 is Henry Ewert talking about GN's "Third Main Line" (from Spokane to Vancouver via Molson).

geg_day4_20.jpg (108054 bytes)geg_day4_21.jpg (88478 bytes)geg_day4_22.jpg (55410 bytes)geg_day4_23.jpg (77909 bytes)

#1 is Norm Priebe receiving Casey Adams award; #2 is group shot of Board Members; #3 is President Larson receiving his "GNRHS Directors' James J. Hill award"; #4 is Bill Sornsin showing Chris Tanner who just won that book (door prize).

geg_day4_24.jpg (71806 bytes)geg_day4_25.jpg (74664 bytes)geg_day4_26.jpg (75696 bytes)geg_day4_27.jpg (100176 bytes)

#1 is Dave Durfee winning the Age Before Beauty framed print; #2 is Noel Holley winning the brass full length dome car (to be custom painted by Duane Buck); #3 is Cliff Salmon winning a two night stay at the Izaak Walton Inn; #4 is Steve Leach, Scott Tanner and Jim Larson with our huge 75th anniversary Empire Builder display (courtesy of Steve Leach, Amtrak and WSDOT).