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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Webmaster's Note:  A big Rocky THANK YOU!!!! to all at BNSF for taking time to show us around your facilities.  We in the GNRHS appreciate your hospitality during our convention.

Photos from left to right:

Tuesday morning and afternoon tour:

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#1 is Marv Franz giving us a safety talk on the bus; #2 & #3 are BNSF staff demonstrating how remote control vest works; #4 is a group shot; #5 & #6 are remote control locomotive #2121 in action.

geg_day3_05.JPG (94465 bytes)geg_day3_06.JPG (85517 bytes)geg_day3_07.JPG (96502 bytes)geg_day3_08.JPG (94885 bytes)

#1 is a "FRED" or End of Train Device up close; #2 is Scott Tanner onboard an ex-NP "Traveler's Rest lounge car; #3 is Scott Tanner, Bruce Barsness and Cliff Salmon onboard Traveler's Rest car; #4 is interior of ex-NP dome car.

geg_day3_09.JPG (81727 bytes)geg_day3_10.JPG (76943 bytes)geg_day3_11.jpg (74511 bytes)geg_day3_12.jpg (123454 bytes)

#1 is Mike Gelhaus and Ben Ringnalda; #2 is Rocky, the Great Northern Goat - on the wall of the ex-NP Traveler's Rest car!; #3 is close up of GN 1196 "City of Spokane" being stripped for painting; #4 is Noel Holley and others watching turntable spin at Yardley.

geg_day3_13.jpg (101594 bytes)geg_day3_14.jpg (89247 bytes)geg_day3_15.jpg (136966 bytes)

#1 is Marv Franz pointing out Hillyard locations; #2 is Marv Franz examining a coupler knuckle; #3 is a group shot over at the Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture.

Tuesday evening model railroad tour:

geg_day3_16.jpg (129319 bytes)geg_day3_17.jpg (122212 bytes)geg_day3_18.jpg (98036 bytes)geg_day3_19.jpg (114581 bytes)

#1 is GN caboose X-359; #2 is GN 3205; #3 is Roy Wyatt; #4 is yard shot of Roy's layout.

geg_day3_20.jpg (125381 bytes)geg_day3_21.jpg (106855 bytes)geg_day3_22.jpg (105429 bytes)geg_day3_23.jpg (104204 bytes)

#1 is GN ready tracks; #2 is GN #2; #3 is GN #730; #4 is GN 2057.

geg_day3_24.jpg (83621 bytes)geg_day3_25.jpg (107254 bytes)geg_day3_26.jpg (128755 bytes)

#1 is Ben Ringnalda digitizing a scene; #2 is the GN 750,000th car over Gavin Yard Hump boxcar; #3 are some F units, a couple Boeing cars and some autoracks.