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Monday, July 12, 2004

Photos from left to right:

geg_day2_01.JPG (112267 bytes)geg_day2_03.JPG (43420 bytes)geg_day2_02.JPG (97095 bytes)geg_day2_04.JPG (73937 bytes)

#1 is GN clock tower from Ridpath room 449; #2 is Jim Larson;
#3 is crowd shot attending presentations; #4 is John Thomas.

geg_day2_06.JPG (45837 bytes)geg_day2_05.JPG (56197 bytes)geg_day2_07.JPG (82428 bytes)

#1 is former GN executive Bob Downing talking about the railroads of Spokane; #2 is Marv Franz discussing Hillyard operations; #3 is Noel Holley with his presentation on GN electrification.

Candids around the Rail Fair:

geg_day2_08.JPG (67375 bytes)geg_day2_09.JPG (67698 bytes)geg_day2_10.JPG (87089 bytes)geg_day2_14.JPG (105069 bytes)

#1 is GNRHS Goat Editor, Bruce Barsness; #2 is Dan Mitchell and Bob Kelly; #3 is Modeling Editor Duane Buck and #4 is GNRHS Webmaster Lindsay with a great big GN E7 cutout!

geg_day2_11.JPG (62024 bytes)geg_day2_12.JPG (66187 bytes)geg_day2_13.JPG (75423 bytes)geg_day2_15.JPG (85091 bytes)

#1 is Martin Evoy talking to Bill Sornsin; #2 is Father Dale Peterka; #3 is Jim Chinquist making an announcement and #4 is Scott Tanner and Steve Leach putting up an Empire Builder display.