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Sunday, July 11, 2004

Photos from left to right:

GNRHS Board Meeting on Sunday morning.

geg_day1_01.JPG (79290 bytes)geg_day1_02.JPG (86417 bytes)

Board Meeting continued onboard "Gritty Palace" parked at Spokane depot:

geg_day1_03.JPG (116037 bytes)geg_day1_04.JPG (88687 bytes)geg_day1_05.JPG (112891 bytes)geg_day1_06.JPG (75739 bytes)

#1 is "Gritty Palace"; #2 is Dave Durfee, Art Pew, Bill Sornsin, Phil Gjevre;
#3 is Dave Thorsett, Jim Knollmiller, Dave Durfee and Art Pew; #4 is John Robinson.

GNRHS Model Contest entries at the Rail Fair:

geg_day1_07.JPG (78648 bytes)geg_day1_08.JPG (86169 bytes)geg_day1_09.JPG (94128 bytes)

#1 is a GN truck; #2 is a GN depot and #3 is GN Caboose X-439.

geg_day1_10.JPG (107961 bytes)geg_day1_11.JPG (114083 bytes)geg_day1_12.JPG (99760 bytes)

#1 is GN switcher #78 in O scale; #2 is a log load on two flatcars; #3 is a grain elevator.

GNRHS Casey Adams Photo Contest entries at the Rail Fair:

geg_day1_13.JPG (82365 bytes)geg_day1_14.JPG (108736 bytes)geg_day1_15.JPG (96311 bytes)geg_day1_16.JPG (85675 bytes)

#1 is an eastbound GN freight on Marias Pass; #2 are three famous GN photographers (Dan Mitchell, Bob Kelly and Father Dale); #3 is ATSF #660 shooting back!; #4 is GN caboose X-40.