Several new products are now available!

A new HO model of the Touhey WA 20,000 bushel grain elevator by Monroe Models. If you model GN, you need at least one grain elevator. Touhey is of the common wood crib style built nationwide from about 1870 to about 1920. Touhey was built in 1913 and its design is typical of the breed.

A new HO model of a St. Paul, Minneapolis and Manitoba 20×64 two story depot design of 1887. These were built beyond the fringe of civilization in North Dakota, Minnesota, and Montana during 1887 only. The second story provided living quarters for the agent and his family. Many of them made it well into the 1950’s and a few survived to the BN merger of 1970.

We now offer five color prints of GN subjects by noted Seattle area artist J. Craig Thorp:
* W-1 electric 5018 West picking up orders at Scenic
* Y-1 electric 5011 with westward 1947 Empire Builder at Gaynor with line change under construction in 1949
* Class R-2 2-8-8-2, W-1 electric, and F-3 units on eastward passenger train at Skykomish
* GP-9 724 and sisters with eastward freight on Sheep Creek Bridge, Montana, in snow
* Westward 1955 Empire Builder on Stone Arch Bridge, Minneapolis

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