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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Photos from left to right:

Morning Presentations:

#1 - Ed Erickson introduces Bill Sornsin and his talk on "Archives"; #2 -  Early morning risers; #3 - Bill receives a green "Presenter's" shirt.

Lake McDonald Tour: (all photos courtesy of Phil Webb)

#1 - Checking out the "Bruck" at Whitefish Depot; #2 - A Ranger talk; #3 - Cruising up Lake McDonald; #4 - Wow, what a view!; #5 - Coming off the vessel.

Views around the Lodge:

#1 - Mrs. Korst arrives from the West!; #2 - Lunch view from East Glacier cafe; #3 - A View with a Room; #4 - Ex-GN Blackfoot, MT building moved to Glacier Park and used as employee dormitory; #5 - Baolu posing with Two Guns White Calf statue in Lodge lobby.

Afternoon Presentations:

#1 - Scott Tanner and "Empire Builder Radio"; #2 - Bruce Barsness lines up a candid; #3 - I can't hear you!.

Wednesday Evening Banquet:

#1 - John Tracy says, "Buy More Raffle Tickets, or else!!!";  #2 - Ray Djuff shows descendants of Winold Reiss a few things on his laptop; #3 - Chatting it up; #4 - Train #7 arrives while I'm in the chow line.

#5 - Happy Birthday, James J. Hill!; #6 - Happy B-day, Winold Reiss!; #7 - Bob Kelly dishes it up; #8 - Yummy for my tummy!

#9 - Bob and Leona Ulberg;  #10 - Cheers!; #11 - Hi, Mark!; #12 - Table 37 waits patiently for the grub.

#13 - Our banquet speaker, Deirdre Shaw; #14 - Some sweets for the sweet (Connie Buck); #15 - Rick Piper presents John Tracy with "The Call of the Mountains"; #16 - Bev Tracy is presented with a Great Northern medallion.

#17 - Duane Buck is presented with the GNRHS Directors' James J. Hill Award; #18 - Duane retires as GNRHS President with honor; #19 - Ray Chappell handing out the door prizes after the banquet; #20 - Raffling off the welcome banner from the convention!

Raffle Prize:

Courtesy of Bill McKown of W&R Enterprises was this beautiful Class M-2 2-6-8-0 brass steam locomotive, painted in the Glacier Park scheme:

GNRHS Board Member, Lindsay Korst was the big winner this year after buying lots and lots of raffle tickets.