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GN Locomotive Rosters?

Where is there an all-time roster of Great Northern Locomotives?

CLICK HERE for a condensed locomotive roster on the Great Northern Railway Page by Lindsay Korst.

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For a more comprehensive, all-time roster, there is an excellent soft cover book published by the Railway & Locomotive Historical Society.  The R&LHS contact is Robert E. Kredel, P.O. Box 215, East Irvine, CA 92650-0215.

The book is entitled, "Railroad History 143 - Illustrated All-Time GN Motive Power Roster - Steam, Electric, Diesel & Motor Car" by Norman C. Keyes, Jr. & Kenneth R. Middleton. It cost approximately $15.00 and was published by the R&LHS originally in Autumn 1980 and then reprinted in 1989. This book is a "must have" for the serious GN fan or historian.

This book was originally offered for sale by the GNRHS to members, but the book is now out of stock.  If you look around, you can probably find a copy for sale on ebay or amazon.com.

I have a copy of this book and will be happy to answer your roster-related questions if you drop me an email at gngoat@gngoat.org

Also, be sure to visit the GN Diesel Locomotive Rosters at Ben Ringnalda's Great Northern Empire website.