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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Photos from left to right:

Evening Banquet

#1 - Happy Hour; #2 - Bob Ulberg in line at the buffet; #3 Ed Letain and his wife sell some last-minute raffle tickets; #4 - Some of the door prizes.

#5 - Local convention coordinator Don McLaughlin is given the huge banner created by Kris Werner of www.Tag-Up.com; #6 - Banquet speaker Bob Downing talks about his days in Whitefish; #7 - former GN dispatchers Bob Grinde and Dave Sprau; #8 - Bill Plano and Ray Chappell distribute door prizes.

#9 - More door prizes being dished out; #10 - Ray holds Rocky aloft - this prize got SUCH a roar from the audience; #11 - John Tracy was the big winner of the brass locomotive; #12 - Pete Calderon and his wife won a print by artist Jim Jordan; #13 - President Duane Buck gives a short farewell address at the conclusion of the festivities.