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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Photos from left to right:

Marias Pass All-Day Bus Tour

#1 - Always start the day with a laugh; #2 - Jim Chinquist, in the yellow cap, keeps an eye on things; #3 - Jack Dykstra gives us a little history of the route; #4 - Former GN TPR Greer Nielsen tells us a story.

#5 - President Theodore Roosevelt monument at the summit of Marias Pass.  #6 - John F. Stevens in a full metal jacket; #7 - memorial plaque; #8 - Former GN employees Earl Currie and Bob Downing enjoy a quiet moment.

#9 - Ex-GN Summit, MT depot has been moved a bit west away from the tracks and is now a restaurant.  The license plate on the old car reads, "SUMMIT 1"; #10 - The manager of the restaurant gives a short talk; #11 - Rocky peers down from the wall; #12 & #13 - the view from the deck of the Summit Inn.

#14 - A Red Jammer bus pauses at the Goat Lick/Sheep Creek Trestle stop alongside US highway 2; #15 - Close up of graphic on side of Red Jammer; #16 - From another day, Rocky strolls on the rocks far below.

#17 - A busload of GNRHS members inspect the Belton depot;  #18 - Depot and flowers;  #19 - inside the Belton Chalet restaurant; - #20 - the back side of the chalets.

#21 - Into the chow line; #22 - Mmmm...burgers grilled outta doors!

#23 - The Izaak Walton Inn from the back side; #24 - checking out the basement; #25 - Scott Tanner and Kris Werner have a chat.

#26 - Three MOW spreaders lined up for our inspection (Thank you BNSF!); #27 - hey, that's me up in the cab; #28 - BNSF employee explains the operation of this unit; #29 - waiting for a train to roll by.

#30 - "The Boys From Back East" - Joe Nemeth; Bob Keim; Jim Standiford; Ron Sherry; Charlie Smith and Dan Mitchell.

Evening Presentations

#1 - Rocky's Rails panel discussion gets underway; #2 - Kenny Eyre talks it over with John Tracy; #3 - Bun Dalen; #4 - Gene Ruby; #5 - Bob Allen.

Note:  Thanks to Kevin M. for identifying these folks for me!