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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Photos from left to right:

Fergus Falls to Fargo train ride behind Hustle Muscle:

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#1:  Mike Lunak looking sharp in his GN brakeman's uniform; #2:  "Waiting for the Train" at Fergus Falls; #3:  "Bad To The Bone" - Rick Bolger and Bill Plano wearing the latest in eye protection; #4:  Conductor Jim Larson waves to the crowd; #5:  Cliff Salmon enjoys the ride under the famous Hiawatha logo.

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#6:  Interior of coach.  That's Joel McCurry, Rick Bolger, Leona and Bob Ulberg on the left; #7:  Beautiful scenery in the Lakes Region; #8:  Bob Bye stops to chat; #9:  Vestibule shot of the train on a curve; #10:  Interior of private car "Caritas".

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#11:  Interior of Caritas rear lounge; #12:  Lindsay Korst on the rear platform;  #13:  Ben Ringnalda on the back platform; #14:  Our train rolls through Sabin, Minnesota; #15:  John Tracy (on the left) enjoys the view with a fellow GNRHS member.

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#16:  Hustle Muscle suns herself at Fargo depot; #17:  GN 400 and her fans; #18:  Fargo depot graced by Great Northern's finest motive power; #19:  Four GN trainmen pose alongside GN 400.  #20:  Rear view of Caritas and the Fargo depot.

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#21:  Caritas close up; #22:  Former GN whistlepost at Barnesville; #23 & #24:  Runby of our train at Barnesville; #25:  Rothsay, MN depot; #26:  Additional photo of GN 400 runby courtesy of Rick Bolger.

Business Meeting - President Larson welcomes President Buck:

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