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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Photos from left to right:

Convention Welcome Banner provided by member Kris Werner and Tag-up.com

GNRHS Board Meeting:

#1 - Secretary Ray Chappell and President Duane Buck; #2 - John Thomas, Jim Chinquist, Bev Tracy, John Tracy; #3 - Duane Amdahl, John Langlot, Ron Erickson; #4 - Certificate of Appreciation from SHRA Group in Sioux City, IA.

#5 - GN X-1853 weed sprayer kit along with GN X-2902 tank car; #6 - Jack Porzig asks a question of the Board; #7 - John Thomas, Jim Chinquist, Stu Holmquist, Bev Tracy, John Tracy, Ed Erickson, Connie Buck.

Registration and Railfair:

#1 - Andrea Plano models a sample of the 2010 Glacier Park jacket; #2 - Cap, shirt and jacket for 2010 Glacier Park; #3 - Close up of logo on shirt; #4 - Close up of logo on jacket; 2010 Glacier Park jacket.

#5 - Chatting at the Railfair; #6 - Looking over Bob Kelly's table; #7 - Don Tank of Minot, ND shoots the breeze; #8 - More railroadana for sale; #9 - Bruce Goeser selling those GNRHS Glacier Park billboards.

Modeling and Photo Contest:

#1 - Bruce Barsness takes aim at an NW-5; #2 - NW-5's in two scales along with a nice A-B-A set of F units; #3 - A snazzy collection of GN steam; #4 - Some of the photo contest entries.

Operating Hustle Muscle:

#1 - Sue Hanson takes a spin at the throttle of GN 400; #2 - Stacie Hanson is all business as she runs the big SD45; #3 - And to complete the family, Tom Hanson takes a turn in the engineer's seat; #4 - Lindsay Korst just can't seem to wipe the grin off his face with Ron Erickson instructing; #5 - Old head John Langlot shows us youngsters how it's done.

#6 - View from the cab of GN 400; #7 - LSRM's GN 192, an NW-5; #8 - Ed Erickson (center) talks to Jim Larson while Ken Buehler sits nearby; #9 - Rear view of Hustle Muscle.  That's Robin Werner standing to the right; #10 - Unknown gent backs up the big SD45.

Hospitality hour and dinner at the Lake Superior Railroad Museum:

#1 - Duluth Union Station; #2 - Duluth Depot; #3 - Close up of depot archway; #4 - GNRHS folks gather in the depot museum; #5 - Saint Paul & Pacific #1, the William Crooks, headlight illuminated, looks ready to go!

#6 - NP's Minnetonka shares space with SP&P #1; #7 - More folks shoot the breeze; #8 - Model of the GN ore docks; #9 - Another view of ore docks; #10 - GN caboose x452.

#11 - Now THAT'S what I call a high-rail car!; #12 - That Soo Line F unit is gorgeous in the snazzy maroon paint scheme; #13 - The Thomas brothers watch as Bob Downing chats with Earl Currie; #14 - Ron Sherry (orange shirt) talks it over with his tablemates.